Hello Snotface!

So this weeks blog was supposed to be about something else entirely but the kids got sick.

So about a week ago everyone was sleeping quietly then at 2am “muuuummmy *coughsplutterhack*” We were all of a sudden thrust into a crying snotty red alert demon flu.

When we got up out of bed it was all stations rugged up under blankets and resting. We also may or may not have had doughnuts for breakfast and patient zero had been appropriately covered in Vicks. Now I know when kids are sick fruit and veg are better. However I’m happy as long as there is fluid and food going in. It’s about picking your battles. I’ll take doughnuts and lemonade for breakfast if it means they’ll keep their socks on and take medicine.

Dinner for sick people here isn’t really technical either. Pasta bake, hotdogs, sausage sandwiches, just about anything thats going to increase the chances of something going into their bellys. Something quick I can knock out in the break of my split shift that at least 2 out of 4 people in this house will eat.

It’s about now I’m going to acknowledge that yes I have someone else to help with sick and crabby kids. It’s a lifesaver and I’m a very lucky woman. I also recognise not everyone has this luxury.

Two days later the other kid comes down with demon flu. Snot, coughing and crying. I think the key to sick kids is low expectations. I don’t expect them to be anything other than snotty and needy. I don’t expect a please and thankyou. I also expect to be spewed on (it happened) and have less sleep. Thank God we have a good spew routine which involves stepping into the shower full clothed and sorting it all out from there. Yes, I have a plan for everything. I know it’s very sad.

The flu at that point was (and still is) threatening to lay a smack down on me. Cue the good cold and flu tablets. I don’t have time to muck about with anything you don’t have to hand your licence over for. A trip to to Doctor and we were watching Disney movies, praying that temperatures stay low and there is no need for a second trip to the quack.

A week later and the snots are mostly gone (and yay we can blow our own noses) and it’s just a bit of a cough. My body is still undecided if I’m coming down with the lurgy but I’m hoping I’m too hard a target.

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