I have a problem…

I have a confession. I love to organise things. Planners, stationary, notebooks, apps, calendars. I love it all and I'm sure it a sickness.

This was not always the case. When I was younger I was terribly unorganised. I couldn't remember anything. I forgot everything and was always losing things. I was so unorganised I even turned up a day late to a major assessment because I got the day wrong. As I got older and started working I needed a better way of doing things because I wasn't going to stay employed long if I couldn't get my shit together.

After much trial and error I have my world organised between an old fashioned pen and paper notebook, apps and a list. I have always been a fan of planners and diaries and at the moment I'm working off a Bullet Journal system. I don't run it traditionally as set out by its creator but more like a DIY planner. I can set out each week, day or month how I like or need (and it does change) and it allows me to slip lists and notes in as I go. For example if I have a parent teacher interview with my son school I can take notes in my diary and link the page number to the one corresponding to his next doctors appointment. I'm not worried about losing random bit of paper. If you Pintrest, Insta or Google 'Bullet Journal' don't be put off by ones that look like art projects. Mine is in the pic below and all my junk comes from K Mart or Typo. You dont need fancy stuff.

The second part of my organisational obsession comes with apps and online services. I have banking apps so I can pay rent and bills while I wait for a cup of coffee. I have Skoolbag apps for my sons schools (yes, he goes to 2 schools but that's another blog post) set with alerts so it pings me when new newsletters are available or events are on. Hell, one school even enables me to do lunch and uniform orders online. I have Centerlink and Medicare apps so I can submit receipts and documents online to save time waiting in queues. I even link all my government services so I can one stop shop all my stuff on the same site. Hell, I even order my groceries online using the Coles app and the local fruit barn website. 

The last part of my organisational plan involves the shopping list to end all shopping lists. As a chef I've used order forms for years and I could nail ordering at work but couldn't go shopping without forgetting things. One day I decided that if it worked at work it'd work at home. I made a table in Excel and drew up a shopping list with sub headings like bakery, fruit and veg, freezer, dairy, paper goods, pets, meat etc. It sounds really anal I know. It sound insane. However if you're having one of those days where it's all goes to shit and you're standing in the middle of the shops feeling like your head is on backward with a snotty child, having heading a list of stuff under it is one less thing you have to worry about. All you have to do walking through the freezer section is look for Dino nuggets and home brand Neapolitan ice cream.

Now all this sounds like hard work with notebooks and apps and online shenanigans. There is also a an argument for spending less time online. It took me about an hour to set up my notebook and it takes me 15 minutes on a Sunday to organise the upcoming week. I check my phone app notifications a couple of times a day, first off in the morning when I check my diary and have a coffee. I also figure if I have the time to be on social media I can spend 30 minutes to order the shopping. It means I can free up more time to be with my family and do other things.

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