American Gods

American Gods – Neil Gaiman

American Gods was my book for January and it was love at first sight. I loved everything about the novel. The characters, the writing, the way you get sucked into the story and carried along.

Gaiman is so good at getting you invested the characters. In the beginning I developed a soft spot for Shadow and his horrible situation. I was silently hoping for nothing but good things. I distrusted Mr Wednesday from his very introduction and each new character grew on me by the end. Each one was written so well they could be in their own stand alone book. I fact I’d totally down for a book about a young Czernobog.

The only mushy bit are really between Shadow and his dead and sort of zombie wife, which when put in context isn’t as weird as it sounds. The book is quite thick but don’t let that put you off. Gaiman is so good I didn’t even notice.

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