Celebrate the wins

So the last couple of weeks have been garbage, plus WordPress just ate the post I had spent the last 2 hours working on. However despite all this I am really proud of myself. Before this week I knew next to nothing about Photoshop and graphic design. Today I had my first mini photo shoot for this blog and I edited all the new pictures myself. Not only did I do that successfully (or maybe less so if you count the eaten blog post), I went to Bunnings and bought all the stuff plus some plants so I can prepare my garden for spring planting (Yes that is my garden in the picture and yeah it is R2D2) AND I did the edges. I don't say this to be a know it all braggy Martha Stewart type, but I want to celebrate my wins. It's good to be proud of your achievements and you SHOULD celebrate the wins no matter how small.

I used to be scared of celebrating my wins because I was scared of tall poppy syndrome.  I was scared that people would want to take my achievements away from me and cut me down. However the more I was proud of my achievements I became the more confident I became and the less of a shit I gave about haters.

In my experience haters come in 3 forms:

1. They are jealous –  they hate you because you have something they want. A job, great partner, nice apartment, car, job, awesome hair, whatever. Either way you have something they don't.

2. They are miserable people - people who hate themselves and their lives have a habit of hating everything around them. They are in a set of circumstances they don't like or cant see their way out of so they are nasty to everyone around them.

3. They straight hate your face - there are some people who will hate the fact you're breathing.

Now you can't do anything about any of these things and really, you shouldn't give a rat ass about why these people are hating. As the meme says 'They will never like me and I will never give a fuck'. Don't let these 3 haters or fear of them stop you celebrating the win you have. Get through the pile of the washing? Make it a Facey status! Feral kids finally asleep and the house is tidy? Insta that shit! All your readings done and essay finished Twitter the hell out of it!! Snapchat your PR dance!! Enjoy your achievements however small.

Most importantly share them with your crew. Your peeps, your ride and dies, your besties, whoever will be just as excited about the accomplishment as you. They are the people who will lift you up, they will remind you in the shitty times that you can get it done. Got no one to share with? Hell celebrate with me. There is a comments space, a contact form on the blog and hopefully soon a Facebook page. Well build a tribe together and lift each other up. Celebrate the hell out of it all, like I will when this post finally works 😉

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