Drama drama drama

Everyone has one of those people in  their lives. You love them dearly but they are dramatic as hell. You enquire how they are only to be hit with a barrage of things that are wrong after just getting through another crisis. One after another something is always wrong.

Now I'm not discounting people who have bad times. Lord, knows Adam and I have had enough drama in the last 9 years to last us a lifetime. Health, finances, relationships, mental health, we've had the lot. I'm even sure I've been the drama queen in other peoples lives. However I am able to tell you good things that have happened and know the difference between serious issues and little bits of drama. For instance my son went through a period of upheaval with school. It went for a long time and it was a big thing in our lives. It wasn't the only thing happening and while I talked about it a lot, I did do other stuff in my life. The world was not ending.

Now I think some people exist on drama because they don't know how else to be. So much stuff happens to them they don't know how to be without something upending their lives. Without drama in their lives they have no idea who they are. Its how they relate to the world and other people.

I also believe some enjoy the attention they get from drama. They like people fawning on them

or feeling bad for them. They have people's attention, sympathy, and it's all about them.

I believe some people create drama because they are bored. Can't deal with life just pottering along being ordinary. There is nothing else in their lives but gossip and inserting themselves into situations or stirring the pot. These kind of people are the worst in my opinion because they rarely give a shit about the people that they upset. They are the mountain out of molehill people.

Now most people I know will say they avoid drama like the plague, and we do too. However there are times where it's a little hard because you work with these people, you are closely related to them or come into contact with them regularly. I have taken to cutting them off saying things like "I'm not going to get involved with that" or "That's really none of our business". I'm not going to get sucked into the drama of these people. It's tiring most of the time. I have better things to spend my time an energy on Drama Llamas.

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