Stop! Imposter!

This last couple of weeks have been strange. I got my blog up and running nicely, back dating book review, planning posts and possible features. We had some awesome news with our son and things are swimming along nicely.

However I started to get frightened. I started to believe everyone would find out I was crap. I was scared they would find out what a fuck up I am and everything would collapse about me. Now I know logically none of this is true and I’m totally kick ass but it didn’t stop fear firing up this terrible case of Imposter Syndrome.

I’m not the only person who feels this. Lots of people suffer with it and most of them insanely successful people. They push themselves to be over achievers, driven, perfectionists and down playing their achievements. I decided the only way to overcome these ridiculous feelings were to say them out loud. Tell people I felt like an imposter and when people gave me feedback I did my best to accept it. Acknowledging my achievements, my abilities and accept it’s just fear acting up. So I was laying in bed thinking that everyone is going to suddenly realise I was a rubbish, had nothing to share with the world and was a rubbish human in general I stopped. I realised I’ve started my own blog with no prior knowledge and have taught myself Photoshop. I work split shifts, read books, do fitness and keep a reasonably tidy house. I manage to hold onto an awesome husband and have 2 kids that love me. I’m doing alright and if I was a fraud I couldn’t hold down all that.


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