I Will Fear No Evil

I Will Fear No Evil – Robert Heinlein

I dont know where to begin. Originally I wanted to read Starship Troopers which is also by Heinlein, however financial constraints saw me picking up up this in a second handbook shop. I figured same author should be OK and I had had recommendations for his other novel Time Enough for Love. I mean it’s worked for other authors (Neil Gaiman and  Matthew Reilly are points in case) so I figured I’d give this a shot. Buh baow, should have held out for Starship Troopers.

I’m not sure where it all went wrong. Once I Googled the novel (I’m not familiar  with Heinlein so I did some research) I was excited about the plot. Old wealthy man has his brain put into a new body, which happens to be that of his personal secretary after she was murdered. So after the transplant he finds he can communicate with the dead secretary and they decide to have a baby via IVF. It all gets messy and the old guy/secretary marries his long time lawyer and they all move to the moon and raise the child. Trippy I know and Heinlein is know for that kind of thing and I’m not one to shy away for weirdness.

The language was stuffy and it took a long time to kick off and the main characters read to me a bit flat. The thing I found  really odd was the minute the old man got into his new hot young body he’s making out with men and being a bit of a tart. I get he’s struggling with his new body and everything it brings but it just seemed creepy.  Maybe there is something in my own personal experience that doesn’t allow me to understand why you would do that. Then there is all the going to the moon to raise the child and the marrying and the other relationships…

I had really high hopes for the book but it just didnt come off like I’d hoped.

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