Another week another specialist

This week saw me sitting in another specialists office, this time a clinical psychologist. As I sat there she told me the results of another round of testing. You see our son us ADHD with another unspecified learning disability. More tests mean more information which means we can help him better.

Anyway, I listened to the results. Listening to terms like ‘incomplete data’ and saying ‘these types of results present in [insert term] children’. Now I know enough about tests to know incomplete data is showing only part of the picture and is exactly that, incomplete. It doesn’t form hard diagnosis. I also know enough about testing that unless there is some dramatic results in the last portion of tests the current data trend will be the correct diagnosis.

I paid for the session, organised to go in a waitlist and left. I felt a bit numb. I didn’t quite know what to think. The specialist hit me with a couple of heavy things for which then Adam and I inhaled half dozen doughnuts each. What she told me had us reassess our entire life and the entire way we parent. Things were going to have to change. We were going to have to change. Anyone who couldn’t get in line with said changes would have to hit the bricks. All changes for the benefit of our son.

I worried for our son before. I worried about his education. I worried about how he’d do in life because as friendly and kind as he is, people take advantage of that. He’s different. Not like his dad and I who are different and unapologetic about it. He is much gentler. Now with this other possible diagnosis he’d become even more of a target. I worry even more about his education now because he’d have double to contend with plus the gaps that are there.

The hardest part of all this though is waiting. Waiting for another appointment to complete testing. Waiting for a phone call for someone to give us a hard diagnosis. Waiting for reports with recommendations so we can get him into the right classes or schools.

It’s no ones fault these things take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. However the longer we tread water the bigger the issue gets. The harder we’ll have to push to get him to the right school by the end of the year. The more we’ll have to catch up. It’s just what we’ll have to do though knuckle down and buckle up for him.

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