Getting back into fitness

I’ve been back at the gym 4 days a week for the last month. We changed to a small chain gym about 2 minutes down the road from our house. Best thing for my fitness I’ve done in forever. I can knock out a couple of midday work outs as well as my two normal early work outs.

For the longest time I was all about lifting the heavy things. I was quite good at it and could move a good amount of weight. It made me crazy happy. However when I discovered I had osteoarthritis (not caused by lifting) in my hand that all went out the window. I had to give up powerlifting style training because it would degrade the bones in my hand quicker. My fitness routines had to change. Not too many free weights, no deadlifts, squats (mainly due to bar grip) and more machine weights.

I’d checked out of my workouts long before that though. I could only go to our old ‘serious’ gym a two days a week because it was so far away from home. I also started feeling like if I wasn’t competing or hitting certain numbers then I was doing it wrong. I wasn’t serious about my lifting or work outs. I was also comparing myself to athletes who’s job it is to be crazy strong. I’d sucked the fun out of going to the gym and forgot why I went.

I started going to the gym to lose weight. Then I realised I really enjoyed working out. Even more than that, working out helped with my mental health. I was calmer, happier and I was sleeping better.

I’m slowly getting back to that. I go to the gym and do my workouts. I even do cardio now which was something I used to dread. More than that I’m excited about going. I pack my gym bag the day before. I don’t even care about getting up early anymore. I’m just starting out slow and working my way back to where I was.

Fitness is fun. I missed the gym.

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