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This week I wanted to do a post about being inspired and things that inspire me. However I didn’t want it to be one of those annoying posts with quotes all over it, pictures of sunsets and junk. That’s not me. It’s not what I’m about. I want to share with you the people that inspire me.

First up on the list is my mother Jo. The woman is amazing. She cares for my Nan (her Mum) by herself. Her personal care, shopping, doctors appointments, emergencies, the works. Everything. Not only that she is a single parent with my brother at home whom is in his final years at school. I don’t think she ever stops and is a damn machine.  Growing up she stood up for us against everyone on the proviso we were in the right. She challenged me to do my best at school and not to take anyone’s shit under any circumstances. Over the years she has copped her fair share of criticism for her tattoos, decisions she’s made, people she’s pissed off but to her credit she gives no fucks. She truly doesn’t. She lives life on her own terms and has no time for your shit.

My friend Robyn is another person who inspires me. Robyn is a successful business woman and self confessed skin nerd. Her total jam is changing people’s skin from the inside out. She lives her passion every damn day and there aren’t many people who get to say that. Robyn is also super supportive. I’ve toyed with the idea of working for myself and blogging for a while. I was so scared so I sent a message to her. Robyn responded with nothing but positive words and encouragement. She’s the kind of woman you want in your corner.

Anyone who’s known me long enough will have heard me say the name Krissy Mae Cagney. She owns 2 successful apparel companies, Black Iron nutrition,  Black Iron gym, and has recently started a non profit called Reps for Recovery. The aim is to help recovering addicts and alcoholics through fitness. She actively supports the causes she believes in and champions the idea of being a decent human being. Over the years her passion for educating people about health and fitness, personal growth and empowerment is awe inspiring. The woman is truly a powerhouse and the nicest person ever.

Lastly, and somewhat predictably our little family inspires the shit out of me. My husband is a goddamn miracle. He’s always supportive and rarely complains. Adam sleeps less than any human I know and deals with everything life throws at us with a smile. Our daughter is tiny and sassy. Always laughing, completely fearless and loving life. I don’t think it occurs to her to be afraid. I watched her run directly into the ocean squealing with joy, with a broken finger (long story), on a tropical island earlier this year without a second thought. She’s amazing.

Our son is a damn champion too. He’s had his fair share of issues with school over the last few years with diagnosis of ADHD and more recently ASD. Nothing phases him. He gets up every day and does his thing. He tries his ass off without so much as a complaint. We know he is struggles to communicate but you’d never know. He does the best he can and doesn’t give up. He is amazing.

When I say all these people inspire me it doesn’t mean I want to be exactly like them. I can’t be these people. I’m not them and they are not me. I want to draw from these people and do more in my own life because they make me think about the possibilities. They make me examine ways to improve who I am and grow as a person.

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