James Bond

Licence to Kill – John Gardner

Reading a Bond book and watching a Bond movie are two very different experiences. Bond movies are sleek and a bit sexy and this book is anything but. Licence to Kill is adaptation of the Timothy Dalton movie of the same name and I’m not sure if its the adaptation from screen to novel but something is a bit lacking.

The novel moves quite quickly and it’s really easy to read. It doesn’t really require a lot of thought because it moves from one scene to the next quite rapidly. There in lies the problem. Bond just seems to float from situation to situation with no real effort put in. He doesn’t seen to get into any scrapes he can just Teflon out of. Everything thing happens around him and it’s a little too effortless.

All other characters also seem secondary to him as well with the main female character getting shoved around to the point it made me mad. Normally I can try and see the reasoning and plot behind it but this time it was just twaddle. The whole novel just seems out of step with the whole James Bond franchise.

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