Gimme a break!!

The last few weeks have been crazy. I’m back into the gym 4 days a week for the last month now. I’m getting the hang of this blog thing, planning posts and now I have a companion Instagram for said blog. I’ve gotten more into taking photos and we’re coming to the busy season at work. Most importantly we have a final diagnosis for our son which is one we were expecting but will take a lot of adjustment.

All of a sudden everything was overwhelming and I needed a break. I didn’t want to go anywhere and leaving the house was just too hard. So I put in at work and was able to take a week off, with no other plans other than to just be a mum and hang out at home. It turns out that’s exactly what I needed.

I’ve spent the time hanging out with our son and just feeling out where he is at. I baked, we had some nice meals, went to the Regional Museum with the kids and I got to take LOTS of photos. We even got to visit my Mum, Nan and brother which is good. I’ve spent time on the things that matter.

I got so caught up in the day to day I forgot to stop and enjoy things. Im tired of jumping from one task to the next worrying about what’s happening next week, always being ‘on’.

I’ve given myself permission to relax and wear a few less hats. I can breathe and not worry about having to have a plan or a direction and live at a slightly slower pace. It’s given me an idea of what I do and don’t want for the next 12 months. It’s been marvellous.

I think every now and then we all need to give ourselves time off. Even if it’s a few hours off to just enjoy ourselves otherwise we end up burnt out and exhausted and no good can come from that.

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