A Redhead Interview

One of the things I wanted to do is every now and then interview people that are pretty cool. This week it’s my friend Liz Regan who is an apprentice chef and specialises in vegan desserts and desserts for people with strict dietary needs. So, this is Liz….

What do you do? I am a second year apprentice chef

How did you come to do it?  I’ve been in and out of kitchens and bars since I was 17, finally bit the bullet and decided this was my life now

Is it what you intended to do? No, I spent a lot of my life being told by family members that I should be a chef because I was always cooking or baking but I was stubborn and hated the kitchens I stared in so I was adamant I would never.

Whats the best bit of what you do? Discovering new recipes, new techniques. It’s a constant learning process and I never get sick of it.

The worst bit? Long days, no weekends, the physical and mental exertion that comes with the job.

Misconceptions of about what you do? That I always know where to go to eat! I very rarely go out, and I tend to follow whoever has organised the outing when I do. Also, a lot of people seem to think I’m vegan, based on what I post on my Instagram account –  I have a very good friend who is vegan and I love finding out ways to veganise desserts mostly so that you’d  never know you weren’t eating animal products. I’ve never been a huge meat/animal by-product kinda girl and I know a lot of people with allergies, so its really good to have that knowledge hidden away in your head if anyone ever asks.

What do you do to relax? Baking. I’m 100% a stress baker. No matter how exhausted I am after a day of work, if I’m feeling even a little off, I’ll bake.

What do you do every day for your sanity? I have a very supportive boyfriend [me: shout out to Damien] who is very good at noticing if I’m not feeling great, he  doesn’t stop trying to distract me or make me feel better until I smile or laugh. He’s a dork.

Whats your biggest struggle? Getting out of bed in the morning? Haha. I’ve never been a morning person, so of course I go an become a breakfast chef. Mostly, it would be juggling a full time job, while studying, and trying to see people from time to time. I’m always very tired after work so sometimes I get a bit slack in that department.

Your proudests  moment? Quitting my somewhat toxic job to persue this. It’s definatly the smartest decision I’ve ever made.

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