I love it when a plan comes together

Originally I had planned to have this post published yesterday. However I managed to get a ridiculous amount of things done and became too tired. This is was OK mostly because I had made an awesome roast lamb and I had a plan for my blog.

About the same time I started my blog I realized I have a tendency to get really busy at certain times of the year. During this time I have to be able to generate content and keep the blog running without major interruption. Cue my love of planning, a bit of Googling and I found an outline for planning content for my blog. I got to planning 12 months of blog posts (that’s 8 months worth in the feature picture) with seasonal topics, recurring themes, books I wanted to review, photos I need to take and blog development ideas. This way no matter what shit is going down (..and there is always something) or if I’m a bit dry in the way of inspiration I have something in the works. It also means I can get my book purchases in order too and I don’t end up in another disaster like Fear No Evil instead of Starship Troopers.

This isn’t a hard and fast plan. Sometimes blog posts get shifted around and so do which books go with which months. For example this post was supposed to appear two weeks ago and the book for November was actually supposed to be for this month, but it just didn’t happen that way. Having said that I had options for things to write about instead and book options to move abour which caused me considerably less stress, which is always always a good thing. The less stressed I am the better it is and the more stuff I get done or the more I sign on for (hello Introduction to Astrophysics online).

Now excuse me while I go and learn about space, take some photos, and start next months book…after a coffee.

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