2 books about Autism

Beginners Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders – Paul G Taylor

Playing, Laughing and Learning with Children on the Autism Spectrum – Julia Moor

This month I read books to educate myself about Autism. Our son has recently been diagnosed as being on spectrum and this is my attempt to understand what’s going on.

The Beginners Guide by Taylor was excellent. It’s only 107 pages long but it covers everything. The first part covers the basics of what the Autism Spectrum is. It also talks about how those on the spectrum interact with the world and what is going on in the brain. The second part of he book covers ways in which we can help those on spectrum and in the last chapter what defiantly DOESN’T help or cause Autism. Not only is the book very thorough, it’s easy to read in every day language. It makes the subject matter very easy to grasp.

Playing , Laughing and Learning by Moor is a more practical Guide. The language is a bit stiffer and at times makes it a bit harder to get through. However if you are trying to get ideas on how to interact better with or help those in your life that have autism its a great place to start. not all the strategies would be appropriate for our family but it did present more than one jumping off point.

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