How much coffee is required for Christmas shopping??

Someone on my Facebook friend list posted it was 8 Fridays until Christmas. This made me sink a little bit. So many things to do before then. Organise where we’re going, figure out 2 plans one if I am working and if I’m not and BOTH will involve insane amounts of cooking (stay tuned for how to survive cooking at Christmas post) and decorating the house. Most of all I will have to organise all the presents including orders submitted to Santa. Now when it comes to shopping at Christmas most of us will turn pale with the thought of having to brave the shopping centers. The most common questions on Facebook seem to be how much coffee is required for shopping center trips (lots is the answer) and should weapons be involve (I can drive a trolley like I’ve had defensive driving lessons). I have however stumbled on a fool proof practice – don’t go near a shopping center.

Seriously though, I avoid that shit like the plauge. For the last 2 and a bit years I have done all the present shopping online. I make a list of people we have to buy for, things we know they like, have been requested or would be appreciated. Then I slowly site by site buy things ticking off the list a I go. Toys R Us are online and last year I had a kids tricycle and trailer shipped here for next to nothing. I had about 4 peoples presents from Lush shipped. A stop past the National Geographic site saw me picking up a nice and somewhat creative Storm Glass and a Galileo theromometer . I have gotten X Box games from EB Games online. I have even ordered gift cards online! Just about anywhere I can Google I can order from. The best part is I can do it all from the lounge room in my underpants (lets be real here people) without the stress. I also find I tend to make less impulse purchases because if something is out of stock I can make a far more rational decision rather than impulse buy something crazy in a squished shop full of people.

Shopping online opens up a far wider range of shops than whats in my area and in some cases make things a little more personal. For example I found a good deal on Vistaprint and I’m turning some of my photos into a calendar for family this year.

So if the thought of going to the shops makes you want to cut your own head off  do it online. Better yet, get a few friends together, get some beverages (coffee, wine, whatever) and some nibbles and make a night of it. Now, to start planning my list.

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