Little Book of Hygge

The Little Book of Hygge – Meik Wiking

This month I decide to reading the Little Book of Hygee. As it turns out Hygee is a Danish concept that involves comfort, togetherness and feeling warm and fuzzy. It starts with lighting, comfortable surroundings, food and drinks. If you can a make yourself a hyggekrog, a space specifically set out for doing things that make you feel Hygee, this is great. The book also talks about socialising and feeling Hygee. Being with people you like enjoying a feeling of togetherness. It doesn’t seem to matter what activities you are doing as long as you’re feeling gratitude and togetherness.

I like the book. It was really easy to read and went through the concept of what Hygee is really well. It makes you want to adopt some of the practices in every day life. The only issue is as you read through the book it seems like a far away thing and very fairy tale like. I think that’s part of the whole charm of it though to slow down and just enjoy life.

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