This one time I tried getting up early to take photos

Welcome to the maiden post for the brand new part of the blog, where I do stuff just to see what happens. This week I’m took some early morning photos.

So, for Christmas last year Adam got me a fancy camera. I love it and over the last year I have been getting into taking photos more and more.

Now normally I take pictures of whatever is around me, and do little shoots for the blog. Today, because Adam was home and I had the opportunity I got up at 4:30am to drive to the beach and take photos. I had my camera. A full battery and a travel mug of coffee, I was set.

First problem I ran into was getting to the damn beach! Due to the V8 Supercars being in town next weekend all the roads are blocked and shut off. I had to do a bit of weird back street driving to get to there and I thought I’d miss my window.

Second problem was how to set up. I know a bit about my camera and the settings but I’m not fantastic. So in the early light it was great and I got some beautiful pics (check out the blog Insta page). As the sun came up though everything was over exposed until I flicked my shutter speed down a few notches, everything adjusted, the planets aligned and BOOM! The view screen exploded in orange and looked exactly what I saw. I rested my camera on a wall and started taking pictures. Then, I walked around the *exact* same places as before getting nice photos.

Long story short, it was TOTALLY worth hauling my ass out of bed just for those 5 minutes of brilliant orange.

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