Slaughterhouse 5

Slaughterhouse 5 – Kurt Vonnegut

This month we get a two fer. I finished this months book early so decided to go back and finish a book from earlier this year.

So, Slaughterhouse is good. Not too long, easy to read and the main character is really likeable. Even though the plot jumps around (can’t say much more than ‘Spoilers’) it’s not hard to follow. I’m reading it a few months later and I still could follow on from where I stopped.

The major plot twist for this novel is a bit out of left field. You think this is going to be some sort of guy reminiscing about this life thing then boo yah this thing happens which makes you question yet it doesn’t ever seem out of place or even abnormal in the scheme of the book. You never kind of go ‘that is just ridiculous’ because it’s never brought up as OMG PLOT TWIST dun dun duh. It sort of just happens and you move on.

I have a new hatred for the phrase ‘so it goes’ too. Vonnegut throws it around all over the shop. It’s in the oddest spots, makes no sense and drives me nuts. It apparently appears 106 times. It’s at times to transition from death to another subject, which is noticeable. Doesn’t make it less annoying.

All in all I’d read it again even with the annoying bits.

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