Stranger Things

So, this week I tried watching Stranger Things. I’d heard lots and lots of awesome things about it. So when we acquired proper internet I decided it was one of the things I was going to get a hold of.

The best way I can describe Stranger Things is kinda like The Goonies but there is supernatural stuff. It’s good. The actors are great and it’s good to see Winona Rider in something because she’s an awesome actress. The child actors are all fantastic as well.

The only two problems I had are Barb and The Upsidedown. Barb is an awesome character that’s in a protector roll. She gets a bit of a raw deal and I would have liked to see her get a bit more airtime because her character seemed to be wise to everything that’s going on.

The second problem I have is access to The Upsidedown. If you don’t want spoilers look away……meow.

How come El can bust open and walk through a hole the Demagorgon came through, but Mike can’t get through the one in his house to go home. Now I was told a theory because El can find people in The Upsidedown she is bonded to it and can move freely. It makes sense but it seems to be an after thought. Considering that the show is wildly popular its something people look at closely.

I’m part way through Season 2 which is awesome so far. There are a few more plot twists and In excited.

All in all Stranger Things is worth the watch.

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