Taking photos is my jam baby

As you may or may not have gathered I like to take photos. Mostly of things just as they are and aren’t overly posed. Anywho, when I got my camera I knew it was flash but I didn’t appreciate how good it was and exactly what it could do. The more and more I played around the more I started to fall in love with taking photos. I listened to a few podcasts and read a few blogs (this is how I learn a lot of things these days) on how to take better photos but what really helped was photo challenges.

Only due to the fact I had a Canon camera I started following the Canon Australia Insta account and got involved in their Leap Mode challenges. I didn’t by any means rated or even got a mention but it was fun to participate in. I started part way through 30 days of Leap. A photo a day for 30 Days. The cool thing about this is it forced me out of my comfort zone because I didn’t know what some of the prompts meant and I had to look them up. I learnt new terms and techniques. I began to get a little better every photo I took and it forced me to be creative. I took inspiration not only from other participants, but Canons feature photographers and Leap meets.

In doing the challenge I also gained a few photographer followers from it which was pretty cool. Not for the ‘OMG followers’ factor but it exposed me to what others were doing and how they are doing it. For example I NEVER would have thought to take photos using a glass to warp the image but after a tonne of people doing it I just might grab a glass ball and have a go. I wont lie, having people like my photos especially as a total n00b is pretty cool hey and because of this it also made me feel like I was part of a community. I was watching everything everyone else posted and who liked the same things I did. I didn’t feel like a pretender anymore and I developed a greater love of taking photos. Taking photos is now totally my jam.

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