So this week I decided to have a shot at listening to heavy metal music. The subject came up after I was reading a book and part of it dealt with music therapy for kids on the Autism Spectrum. I asked someone what kind of music their kid likes and the reply I got was ‘speed metal’. I became quite curious so I decided to have a go at listening to metal in general.

On doing a bit of research I was pretty sure I would like metal mostly because Zepplin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple are considered the ‘unholy trinity’ of metal. I like all of those bands so I was pretty positive. I discovered I really like Motorhead which made me really happy for which I was surprised. I also really like power and industrial metal. Particularly if it sounds like a bear growling in German because you’re trying to take it’s dinner. It’s oddly soothing. This revelation is kind of hilarious considering I love the shit out of Britney Spears and I have a not so secret love for shitty shitty pop music. Complete opposite end of the musical spectrum. Having said that it also should surprise no one I love glam and hair metal.

On the flip side I really don’t like thrash metal and I think Metallica is terrible. I would put Metallica in the same bin as Justin Beiber (I’ve braced myself for hate. It’s ok). I find both irritating to my ears. Possibly because it sounds tinny after listening to fore mentioned growling German bear. The jury is still out on symphonic and orchestral metal, I don’t like Nightwish (sorry Mum) but I DO like Blind Guardian (thanks Mum). For me I think it’s a bit like rap, it depends on who’s doing it as to who I like. Go figure.

In summerising I like metal much more than I thought and I think there is honestly a type out there for everyone. Ask your friendly metal head for some recommendations(thanks Cal, Mum, Connor and Thomas) and get listening.

My Top Metal Picks

  1. Anything by Eisbrecher. Don’t speak German and they could be singing the phone book but it’s good listening.
  2. Raubiter – Again, could be the phone book but I like it.
  3. Motorhead – you can’t go wrong even if the only song you like is Ace of Spades


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