From time to time I get on Youtube and I look at makeup tutorials. Most of the popular Youtubers mention a place called Sephora. It’s like a one stop makeup shop that has all the brands you dont normally get here. So, I went to the recently opened local Sephora shop to get a gift card just to see whats there.

The entire experience was overwhelming. Everything was red, black, white and incredibly noisy. The entry had black and white tiles reminiscent of the toy shop in Big. I  instantly wanted to try and jump out a song ala Tom Hanks. There are different sections around the walls and then a strip of mirrors and counters with seats where you could have your make up done and then pads so you can write said products down. Did I mention it was loud? Nightclub loud.

Then there are sort of free standing racks placed around each dedicated to a different brand. The first one I saw was the Anastasia Beverly Hills stand. All the brushes, brow products and palettes. I walked past a containers of various Benefit mascaras and products.. By the time I got to the counter to get t he gift card I had gone in for I was in complete sensory overload. Now considering I worked as a chef for many years in hot noisy kitchens, getting me completely out of whack like this is a real achievement. On the way out I noticed a Zoeva stand full of brushes in rose gold that were all beautiful and I had NO idea what to do with any of them.

I didn’t have the greatest experience at Sephora. Partially because I walked in there no make up off the street, glasses on, lookin like the dork in a teen movie. I did feel quite judged by the girl at the counter. I also felt awfully out of place. I wouldn’t rule going back in to have a look but I’d have to do it with headphones on for my own aural appeasement, and mostly to look at the thing I’ve seen online in real life. As a life long Priceline make up person (read: cheap) paying crazy ass prices for make up kinda makes me cringe.

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