An open letter to my husband

Dear Adam

You are without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me.

You are always patient. Doesn’t matter whether I’m freaking out over if I’m a shitty parent, I’ve forgotten to turn the drier off or for the fortieth time telling you the same story in an identical fashion because I’m pissed off. You always listen and always give the same logical answer.

You’re supportive as all hell. You could come home one day and I say I’m taking up competitive knitting (no it’s not a thing) and you’d be right there with me. You’d listen to me rambling on (you’re an awesome listener by the way) and buy me the right knitting needles and wool. You back me up all the time whether its haters hatin or kids complainin. You’re behind me backing me up.

You’re an awesome Dad. If I’m the Captain of this crazy ass ship of ours you’re the first mate. I’m out front giving orders and being on deck you are in the behind me doing the real work. Keeping everyone in line, feeding them, sorting out squabbles and dishing out useful advice and cuddles. Your patience with Hunter and ability to connect with him in his quirky little bubble is phenomenal and I’ve never seen River not scream and run toward you when you come home.

You value the simple life. You’re not about drama and craziness (ironic since I can act crazy from time to time). You don’t allow anyone into our lives that brings said craziness either. You never scream and demand attention. You quietly put your hand up from time to time.

You’re also incredibly kind. I have seen you do lovely things for others. I’ve seen you work so people can go to parties or don’t miss out on time with their families. You’ve given money to people who need it. You’ve helped me give presents to people who weren’t getting anything and pack lunchboxes for people who have had no food. I  still remember you telling me about feeding stray cats in the ally of a job you had. Only kind people do that.

All these things have rubbed off over me over the last 9 years and I’ve grown as a person. To steal a line from Jack Nicholson in some movie “you make me want to be a better person”. Thank you for being you. Never stop being you. Never stop making me laugh or bringing me M&Ms because it’s Thursday. Thankyou for making every one of these past 9 years bone crushingly amazing.

Love your stupid face forever and ever


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