New Year, New Me

I don’t like new years resolutions. I think the whole concept of ‘new year new me’ and waiting for the first day of a new year to change something you don’t like about your life is rubbish. Your will power will not magically change on the first day of  a new year. In fact when people make hard grand resolutions only 8% of people are going to come good on them.

I’m not saying goal setting is rubbish or you shouldn’t have them. I know of people who pick theme words for the year and try and live by those. I make goals for myself every year, but they aren’t grand sweeping resolutions. This year I made a goal to try and be a better person. Now that doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and try and be a perfect saint every day. I signed up for a 10 weeks program to try and work on this both physically and mentally, and it’s a lot of small steps every day. Slowly but surely pushing yourself.

I think the key is small steps. All the statistics say you’re more likely to follow through on goals if they are small and attainable. I also think making resolutions just because it’s January first is crazy. If it’s part way through March and you’re truly sick of something within your life do something about it. If you’re happy with everything don’t make resolutions. Change is something that has to happen because you want it to. Not because of a calendar date.

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