Happy New Blog Year

It’s been a crazy 2  months and I have to apologise right off the bat for the blog train getting a bit wobbly. Not even the best laid plans could get me on track for a few weeks there.

Working in hospitality this is the busiest time of the year and things aren’t about to slow down until school goes back. It’s been nothing to serve 200 odd people in 3.5 hours on any given night. Not to mention various groups and functions and it’s all a bit tiring.

Then there is Christmas which even for the quiet Christmas we had can be draining. For the first time in years it was just the 4 of us at home for part of the day. While I made it through the day a few days later my osteoarthritis flared like a bastard and I ended up off work with a busted paw. Not the way I wanted to end up part of 2017.

Just before the new year I embarked on a 10 week program. It’s half physical fitness half mental development. It’s been a real struggle and when I’m finished you can bet your ass there will be a big ol’ blog post. A lot of the hardest parts have been the mental aspects and it’s drained me far more than normal.

I’ve also had the experience of ending a toxic relationship in my life. This has been difficult however in some odd way relieving. It’s something in my life I no longer have to worry and upset myself about. I don’t have to stress myself about something that was mostly one sided.

I have however over the last week or so I’ve really gotten myself together and I’ll be back to bringing some honest and interesting content over the coming year. Blogs on Sundays, monthly book reviews and a new ‘this one time I’ every Wednesday.

See you all on Wednesday

Case xx

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