Olympic lifting

As mentioned in my latest Sunday post I have started a new fitness program. Now part of that is Crossfit style conditioning work which I never thought I’d like but I do. It also has some Olympic lifts which is something I have never even attempted before. I’d done small amount of powerlifting training in the past, and seen people Olympic lift but never done it myself.

So, I found a few athletes who performed these kind of lifts on Youtube and I watched their videos. Then I watch a few videos on Youtube on how to perform said lift step by step. After a few dry runs with a super light bar I got my shit together and tried a proper lift.

90% of the lifts went up just fine.  I only managed to stack it once and it was in spectacular form. I managed to bruise up my leg and take some skin off, 40kg forcibly exfoliating my right shin. My hand has held up surprisingly well during all this. If anything the muscles are better and so is my grip.

All in all I like Olympic lifting and you can bet I’ll pick programs with them in it in the future.

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