That Guy

Everyone has one in their lives. That Guy. The person when you see them coming gives you a sense of dread, terror or otherwise instant bad feeling. The are obnoxious and otherwise problematic in one way or another. Often times they are people you cant kick out of your life for one reason or another. They could be a colleague, a family member or someone attached to your friendship circle. Either way they are ‘that guy’.

Recently I had to let go of one such person from my life. I had to accept our relationship wasn’t ever going to be great a long time ago and that I was going to have to do the best I could. I spent a long time trying to the repair said relationship. However I recently found out that as long as I had been trying my best I was being undermined at every turn. The actions of ‘That Guy’ wasn’t just effecting me now but it was effecting those in my life I loved the most.

Cue cutting That Guy loose. Now I expected to be upset and heartbroken but I wasn’t. I wasn’t happy about it either but I wasn’t overly upset. I think that had a lot to do with the fact I’d accepted that the relationship was always going to be difficult. I had forgiven That Guy and their actions but I wont ever forget what they did to me.

The most overwhelming emotion through the whole process though was freedom. It was like years of stress had melted and a weight had been lifted. The first night I slept better than  I had in years. Oddly my energy is returning and  I’m suddenly becoming more productive in my own life. A couple of really good opportunities have come our way and things are looking up.

Letting go has never been so satisfying.

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