Treat yo self….

Ok, so I wrote last week about reducing my medication and that meaning I need to practice more self care. Now that’s all well and good but what exactly is self care?

“Self care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health” according to Psych Central. Basically anything that allows you to function in society without  being a cranky asshole. It brings balance to the force and stops you going to the dark side. For me that’s taking my medication first and foremost because without a fully functioning brain I can’t be of any use to anyone. I do fitness things. It keeps me fit and provides a release for any stress that I have. It gives me a good feeling to flog the bejesus out of myself at the gym if I’m stressed. Eating relatively well also is important to me because it makes me feel good. I also like to try to put on a face mask and have a good soak in the tub once a week. All those things keep me running from week to week. They keep the tank full.

Just as importantly what self care isn’t is being over zealous about your wellness. Drink the green smoothie. Do the yoga classes. Mediate if that’s your jam but dont deny yourself a slice of pizza because it is ‘against the wellness rules’. There are no rules for what wellness should look like. It’s making choices that make you feel good about your life and wellbeing.

So, go out. Treat yo’ self. Do what you gotta do to stay sane. Have the glass of wine, get more sleep, drink nice coffee, steal 10 minutes to yourself. Just do what you have to do to not feel like a cranky asshole.

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