I took an Uber

I work split shifts in my split I used to be picked up by my husband and kids after the school run so I could come home, cook dinner, see them and go back to work. Now my son had a fabulous new school this isn’t possible. Accounting for traffic and time delays I’d not be worth the trip. Now we looked into the bus time table and it wasn’t going to work for us and Taxis are crazy expensive. Then came my idea of catching an Uber.

Now I knew nothing of Uber other than they are an alternative to taxis. I asked Facebook friends for their idea (as you do) and I got nothing but rave reviews. Cheaper, friendlier and the possibility of lollies. I was convinced.

My first ride was awesome. The driver was nice and the car was clean. The trip somehow felt shorter than one in a cab. The thing I like the most it it gives you the plates and model of car you’re waiting for so you can see the car coming. Every driver have had has said “Hey Case!” and been super friendly, and yes, I was even given a lollipop on one trip.

I think the nicest thing though is the human interaction. These people are driving because they want to not because they are on the clock and grinding off their set shift. The gentleman who drove me home yesterday was a real estate agent and he does Uber to supplement his job. One driver was a uni student. It’s people doing a side gig for extra cash.

Do I like Uber? Hell yes!

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