Next weekend Adam and I will have been married 6 years. It’s been a damn tough 6 years but we damn well made it.

So, in honor of this I will answer the top statements I hear about being married.

Your husband let’s you do [insert thing]?

This mostly relates to people being surprised with Ads being ok with me lifting heavy things at the gym. First of all Ads is quite a big guy and naturally very strong so no matter HOW much I lifted I wouldn’t intimidate him. Second of all what do you mean ‘let’s me’. What’s he gonna do to stop me going to the gym? Physically block the door at 4am and stop me leaving? Is he going to take my camera so I can’t take photos (he bought the damn thing..)? Steal the laptop so I can’t blog (again another present)? Hide the bookshelf full of books so I can’t read? He has said to me before  ‘as long as you’re happy Babe’. Good Lord people he’s not a gaoler.

Wow! Your husband watches the kids while you work?!

Well yeah. River isn’t in daycare yet so who else is going to do it? It’s not like he’s not capable of changing a bum, feeding the kids or putting them to bed. Hell, he has more success putting River to bed than I do. She just wants talk to me. He’s been a  Dad for a while now so he kinda knows what he’s doing. Also, way to insult Ads skills as a parent.

You do splits and he does nights?! How does that even work?.

When I met Adam I was doing shift work as a chef and he was doing nights doing audit. We’ve only ever done life like this. I also think that working in hospitality we both have the attitude of there is no ‘that’s not my section’. You kinda just get stuck in and do what needs doing. Ads tidies if stuff needs tidying, I mow if stuff needs mowing. We also play to our strengths. Mine is organisation so I do all the life admin stuff and Ads is good with money so he does a large portion of the financial magic.

When our son was tiny I did day work in a cafe and it was a bit odd. I’ve also tried to get day jobs but there isn’t a lot for people with 10 yrs experience in hospitality who want to change careers. So, I’m not sure how we’d even go if we worked regular jobs with weekends off.

Your husband gives you money?

Yeah. We share and there have times where I have received a tidy sum of money and I have shared with him. It’s what you do. I also ask for cash for bills (normally with some prodding from Ads ) when I need it and he gives it to me. Again, it’s what you do.

Doesn’t he give you the shits though?

Sometimes. I’m sure I drive him up the wall too. He makes me laugh more than anything and that’s why being married to him is easy. I also realise he isn’t a DIY fixer upper craft project. I love him for all the things he is and isn’t. I don’t go out of my way to try and improve him. Ads is who he is.

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