So about 4 weeks ago I put out a call for some punk to listen to and it cause a disagreement over what punk is and is not. For the purposes of this piece punk is defines by this Wikipedia article (including subcultures) and it should be anything I can purchase under the ‘Punk ‘ category of any music purchasing outlet. This is a lot of music.

What I found is that I didnt like the music that I thought I would. Sex Pistols dont thrill me that much even though I like a few of their songs. Something about Johnny Rottens voice irks me. I also don’t really like Patti Smith either which is sort of confusing because I really wanted to. She is heralded as this fantastic female artist but her music I just didnt like. I found too that I don’t like a lot of slower punk music because it doesn’t seem to engage my brain as much. I’d rather just forgot I have even heard of NoFX and The New York Dolls.

I, to the dismay of many of my friends, do not like The Pouges. I like the Celtic vibe but something about the pitch/tone of the singers voice irritates me. I also dont like Fairytale of New York which apparently makes me a heathen and I’m quite ok with this. Similarly I don’t like Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly. Sorry not sorry.

Much like when  tried metal the stuff I like I really liked. I loved Marquee Moon by Television. I love this shit out of the Ramones, The Misfits and The Clash. I also loved the Slits and most of the female driven punk I listened to and I wasn’t really expecting to. The odd thing is the lead singer of The Slits Ari Up has a simmilar voice to Johnny Rotten who I didn’t like. I think their subject matter was more relatable (listen to Typical Girl) I was surprised to find I really liked The Dead Kennedys and Social Distortion. I think because they sound very rock like and I like rock music. I also really liked Black Flag which doesn’t surprise me because I like Henry Rollins.

So far punk hasn’t been my favorite genre of music for listening to however there is enough of the good stuff not to be turned off completly.

My Top Punk Songs

  1. Typical Girl – The Slits
  2. I  Wanna Be Sedated – The Ramones
  3. Too Drunk To Fuck – Dead Kennedys
  4. Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight – The Misfits
  5. Marquee Moon – Television
  6. Wallow in Despair – Black Flag
  7. Prison Bound – Social Distortion
  8. EMI – Sex Pistols
  9. Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill
  10. Instant Hit – The Slits

If you use Spotify I now have an account there under The Redhead Got a Blog where you can find this and all my other musical picks.

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