Around Christmas time on Foxtel they started to advertise a historical fantasty type show called Brittania. There was druid, Celts, Romans and chosen ones all of which made me sit up and take notice. In my post Game of Thrones sadness I figured this would fill the hole.

Yes and no. The idea is that the Romans have showed up in Britan and are trying to make in roads with the locals so they can do what Romans did in those days. There are warring local tribes as you would expect, back door deals and a whole lot of  people dying. Skinny wierd druids and people having sex, all the boxes are ticked. The theme song is Hurdy Gurdy Man by Donovan so that should tell you a lot from the get go.

The main things I like about the show is it’s pretty. Everything is vibrant, pretty and inviting. One of the main character in a red haired slightly obstinate woman which I like right off. What can I say, I’ll admit I’m bias. It’s enough fantasy to be fun and enough ‘history’ to be a little familiar (the series takes place allegedly during the second invasion attempt by Rome). No one is outstandingly ugly except the wierd head Druid that looks like he needs some serious medical attention and to lay off the body modifications. The cinamatography is nice (it’s no GoT but not many things are).

The thing I didn’t like is that it’s a bit disjointed. The plot rocks along until a predictable but inevadible betrayal, then 2 dudes spend 2 episodes getting high pondering the existence of the Gods. No benefit to the plot line just a random acid trip stoner break. Other parts of the story start then go no where. For example the new Queens sister is a total hateful bitch. Goes to the Druids to get help knocking said Queen off her perch. She even has some wierd group sex with afore mentioned Druids then nothing. No spell, no outcome, no result just nothing. What.

Now so far this is only Season 1 and while picked up by Sky Atlantic the other partners involved in its release/making aren’t on board as of yet.  So, if this is infact the first and only season i’m going to seriously be asking WTF.

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