…Lush hair masks

Disclaimer: I buy all this stuff for myself. Lush is giant and I am a tiny blog. They wouldn’t pay me or give me things to try #justsayin

So, total confession I’m a Lush addict. Our bathroom is filled with little black pots of lovely smelling goodness. Recently I decided to have a go at one of their hot oil hair masks and I gotta say I’m in love!

I’m lucky that the day I went in my friend Kylie was working so she helped me pick which one would be best. In the end Yuge won out because its designed to make your hair softer and bouncier. I have a lot of fine hair and I’ve always had dreams of big thick bouncy Jessica Simpson hair (yes, I just linked a Google image search of her hair). Now when you buy the treatment it’s like a hard block of stuff on the end of a tongue depressor which I found awesome. I grabbed one of my old Lush pots, put some water in, put my block of solid hair treatment in and used said stirry stick to whip like mad.

I could smell was a peppermint like scent which  I freakin love. It turns into a thick gummy paste and when it was cool enough I smashed a good amount into my hair, wound my hair into a bun and waited 20 minutes. Washed it out like you would any other treatment and holy crap on a cracker while I didn’t have Jessica Simpson hair, it was bouncier and felt fuller. The full effect is possibly due to sea salt in the product that opens up hair cuticles and plumps them out. The baby butt softness is more than likely due to the jojoba in the product. The nice side effect is my hair smells like a Kool Mint and the peppermint is good for my dandruff and there is enough for later. I’ve done  treatments so far out of the same batch and it keeps really well.

I  love this hair mask to bits and it’s made me keen to try a couple of the other ones designed for dry scalps. 10/10 can recommend.


  1. Sounds like the same hair treatment you gave me for Xmas and I have to agree its awesome! Takes a while to get it stirred in & creamy, but its worth it. Best hair treatment Ive ever used.


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