For Gods sake just be nice would you.

I put up a post on my personal Facebook page on Good Friday asking people to be nice to each other. It seemed to hit home for a lot of people and it was funny because there seems to be a push lately for people to be nice to each other. Except I don’t think too many people are listening.

Being nice isn’t hard and it’s goddamn free. It’s not hard to say “How has your day been” or “that’s a nice shirt/bag/hat/ TARDIS” or whatever. Other people feel nice and if you want to admit it or not it makes you feel nice.

Being nice doesn’t mean putting up with bad behaviour or bad service. It’s about not being a dick while you sort stuff out. You can take food back without making a scene or being rude and being cool is more likely to get you what you want. If it’s busy, you can see it and you have to wait a bit for something getting angry won’t get it to you faster. A bit of understanding will mean more to the people working than you can imagine.

Being nice may also mean you have to accept the best case scenario even if it’s not the idea outcome. Going off at some poor retail worker because they are out of stock on the floor and the magical back room doesn’t have and AND it’s a limited run helps no one. No one. You may have to accept a similar item, get it from another store in the same chain, or shock horror deal with the fact you missed out.

Being nice may also mean being patient or having empathy. I have a bum hand and lately I have been dropping heaps of stuff #winteriscoming #arthritisblows. Being nice may mean not being pissed if I lose grip handing you something or I spill slightly. It also may mean if I say “Jesus my hand hurts” you say “Wow that must suck” or “Damn Jesus!” (the last one will make me laugh). Being angry at me or saying “Well come speak to me when your inflammated little toe hurts, your carbuncle oozes and your dog dies cause my shit is worse” doesn’t help. Even sympathise with “I hear ya cause my little toe kills. The cold sucks hey”.

That’s how to be nice to others. I hear you say “what about when people are horrible to me”. Now as someone who has sass for days it’s hard sometimes to not throw out a sarcastic one liner. However it’s not always helpful because some people want that so they can kick it into next level. You don’t need that stress and they don’t need the fuel. Also a lot of the time people’s anger at you isn’t about you! It’s about their expectations, their needs you’re not even aware of not being met or their oozing carbuncle. All shit you can’t fix.

You don’t need to be walked over when being nice you can be adult like. You can also say “well I just can’t do that for you”, “it’s not within company policy”, “you can’t speak to me like that” and “No, your dick pic and sleazy DM isn’t appreciated” and still be nice.

Also, if you are ever on the receiving end of any of these retorts it’s also reasonable to take a moment and think “am I being unreasonable or dickish” also the old “How would I feel if someone I cared for copped this”. If you’d want to punch ’em in the face or call someone names it’s a clear sign…

This is by no means a comprehensive list of anything. Don’t take it as gospel and I’m sure there are many exceptions. Just be nice. That’s all. Try and be a decent human.

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