…fantasty football

Before I met my husband I knew NOTHING about Rugby League. Many games and stupid questions later I can have a reasonably intelligent conversation about the football. This is my second year in a footy tipping comp (first year in the work one). This year I decided that I also wanted to take on a Fantasy Football team.

The way it works is you pick a bunch of players who can score you points based on how they play every week. Now I was completely blind in this because as many footy tipping comps as Ads has been in he’s never done fantasy football. Ll

While I’m ok with football in general I don’t always know specific players or what positions people play, even on my own team. So I started opening each position and picking players who’s name I recognised that I knew were ok. Then when I either hit the salary cap (yep, you get a cap) or was unsure I asked Ads who was a reasonably performing person in that position. If I didn’t have Ads to check with the official NRL fantasy footy have a guide to picking players with tips on the best value for money players etc

You also have the opportunity to trade out if your players are under performing. I have done this already and we’re only in week 4. I just find the lowest performing players and trade out.

So far I’m liking it. I’m not playing against anyone else trying to win so it’s just a bit of fun. It’s also helped my footy tipping because I’m learning a bit more about the individual players.

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