….Halo Top ice cream

Disclaimer: I bought the ice cream for this myself. Im not big enough or fancy enough for people to give me things for my opinions.

I follow a fair few Instagram pages of people who are either athletes or people who are around fitness/nutrition for a living. A lot of them have talked about Halo Ice cream at one point or another. One day I saw it in my local Woolies and thought I’d give it a red hot go since lots of people seem to dig it.

According to their own website Halo Top is “low calorie, high protein, and low sugar, we craft our ice cream so that it tastes like regular ice cream”. They aren’t wrong! I tried the chocolate one a while ago and it tasted like the Milo ice cream Nestle put out. The most recent one I had was the peanut butter cup flavour. It’s bloody amazing and stands up next to the genius that is the Coles brand peanut butter ice cream. It’ll even stand up next to Hagen Daaz.

Woolies has the most flavours with mint choc chip, cookie dough (slightly butterscotchy), chocolate, birthday cake and vanilla. Coles oddly have only had it in the last week or so and they stock peanut butter cup and salted caramel. I won’t try the salted caramel because I think in general it’s an over played bullshit flavour.

It does come with a $10 price tag for 500ml though and I managed to pick up the tubs I have gotten on special. I’ve also never stuck to the half cup serving suggesting but at between 260 – 360 calories per tub which is the same caloric content as a cheeky drive through cheeseburger how can you not?!

So, Halo Top. Good good ice cream if you want your treat without the calories. Also good if you want something a bit different.

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