Get Your Shit Together

So in the last few weeks I’ve talked a lot to people just in every day life about getting their shit together. Sometimes it’s about relationships, sometimes it’s their kids, sometimes it’s being organised, but on a whole the theme has been sorting everything out.

I am by no means an expert but I’ve been through a couple of things and think I have some useful perspectives on getting your shit together.

Easiest way to get your shit together is get organised. It’s the most immediate way to feel ‘together’ because the results are instant and visual. When organising find a system that works for you and go with that. Schedule in all due bills, direct debits, appointments and all that jazz. It’s all in the one place. Next, go through your room, house or TARDIS and toss out all the shit you don’t need. Oddly as you go peep any containers you find along the way and use them to organise make up brushes, utensils, pens or food items if need be. Recycle and declutter double win.

Next, easiest way is get your money sorted. It makes you feel accomplished and grown up. Find out what’s coming in and what’s going out. What do you really need to pay for and what is sucking your cash. I did this and promptly fell into a crying puddle because my cash flow was upside down with more going out than in. Sorted it though and now I’m good. It might mean you’re not getting coffee every day, you have to cancel that subscription service or kill a gym membership you aren’t using (or start using it if you can’t get out of it!) but you’ll be better off for it if you sort your $$ out.

The third way you can get your shit together you can probably guess what I’m gonna say. Self care and mental health it’s good because it makes you feel great.. Is your head ok? Are you out of sorts and need to have a pro check you out? Do you have a niggling pain that you’ve put off forever? Get it looked at. Are you overworked and exhausted? Take a few days off if you can and unwind. If you can’t do that take half an hour to yourself and do something you enjoy. Find out what recharges you and make time for it. Cut back the stuff in your life that sucks you’re soul.

3 ways to get your shit together with instant benefits. Now go get your shit together.

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