Dear Monkey

Dear Monkey – Wu Cheng-en

Ok, so, years ago like most people my age I watched Monkey Magic on the telly. It was a staple in the afternoons on the ABC. Bad dubbing and questionable special effects/wire work we all loved it. The show was loosely based on a set of stories called Journey into the West by Wu Cheng-en. A few years ago I managed to pick up a copy of Dear Monkey which was one portion of these stories and I was stoked as hell.

If you want to see what Casey thought keep reading.

This is pretty much how the stories progress. There is a small one off episodic style story that is told and then the reader is invited to keep reading at the end of said ‘episode’ to find out what happened. Having seen the TV show I found this cute as hell and can see why this worked so well. It gives itself natural well rounded finishing spots. It’s also good if you’re busy or not a great reader because you can read them like a set of short stories.

Now the characters are hot messes. Monkey is an egotistical shithead that I want to hit with a stick. Seriously, the dude is an asshole and NONE of the Gods like him. The Gods all have their personalities by the way and are all aware of each other too. So, the Gods cant get rid of Monkey so they trap him in stone until he agrees not to be a turd and go on a quest with Tripitaka by the end of which Monkey has redeemed himself.

Then you have the other stories. One guy gets murdered and his wife gets married off but once his death is avenged he is send back from the underworld only to find his wife has killed herself (?!) and she gets put back into the body of the Emperors hot wife who’s about to die. Everyone sorts out who’s who, old wife in hot body goes back with her old husband and hot chicks clothes and its all sweet. WHAT IN THE FUCK. Don’t even get me started on the mum that cuts off part of her toe and her babies toe, sends it up the river and then reunites later when the child is a powerful monk. Seriously. Se-ri-ou-sly.

To find out if Casey likes the book in it’s crazy bullshit entirity keep reading.

Yeah, I liked it. I’m not sure if its the reality of the Gods as characters that appealed. I’m not sure if it’s nostalgia from the TV show or the crazy stories. Any way you look at it the book was fun as hell. 10/10 would recommend.

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