….I read a new age type book

Last week I had some major dental drama. I had last Thursday off work because I was in enough pain to hit up the emergency department of a local hospital for pain relief and antibiotics until the dentist Monday. So, in my infinite wisdom I decided I’d head to the library my fave new place (shout out to Wallsend library).

I must have been feeling the effects of the Endone still because when I looked at my library books later it was a mixed bag. A couple of books by musicians, a book about relationships, a novel, a book about gardening, a book about dinosaurs and a new age book I saw on Oprah once.

Trashed!Casey is crazy and I can only assume the dinosaur book was for Hunter.

So I have this bag of books and I’m itching to get at Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis because I’ve heard it’s good. However Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, this Oprah book, is staring at me. Why I’m the hell did I get this?! It’s not even remotely on my list of books to read. I even messaged a friend to talk about the choice of book and I concluded that everyone, every now and then needs a self help style book. I had been feeling a bit out of whack and I think Trashed!Casey must have been trying to help.

I keep saying ‘trashed’ but it’s not like I was walking around off my face useless.

So I’ve read 80% of it and I found it surprisingly good. Some bits are pure dribbly waffle crap to me. However the base message isn’t that terrible and actually quite useful life advice. It’s pretty easy to read too which is why I think I picked it. I can see why people get hooked on these kind of books. Would I read another one? Sure, but maybe I’d make a better selection. One with less metaphysical waffly shenanigans.

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