My Mum

Mother’s Day is coming up and I’ve been trying to write a post all day. What Mothers Day means to me. What they don’t tell you about being a Mum. Heaps of stuff but in the end I just kept thinking about my Mum and how much I love the shit out of her.

I’m pretty sure the saying “she may be little but she is fierce” was written about Mum. At all of 5’3″ she packs some bang for your buck. Crazy smart, My Little Pony hair, covered in tatts and has no time for your fuckery. Zero. Time. She’ll help you and support you until the cows come home but you gotta show up for your life. You have to be actually trying. She’s not going to entertain your crap if you aren’t even trying to help yourself.

Mum is also crazy smart. She’s done several things at Uni, is a qualified personal trainer, and did alcohol and drug rehabilitation stuff at TAFE. Some of those smarts rubbed off onto me. She encouraged me to do my best and not to hide the fact I was smart. I remember one day her particularly telling me that no one was going to like me more because I was pretending to be dumb and that that those people who DID wouldn’t be around when I was trying to get a job with crap grades. I was also banned from reading BabySitters Club books like most of my friends. If I was reading books they had to be books worth reading not pulpy mushy books. She is the reason to this day I still have not read any romance novels and I refuse to read 50 Shades of Lip Biting.

Mum doesn’t wait for anyone or  wait for them to give her permisson to do things. She wants to turn a china hutch into a cage for her snake she’ll do it. Take up water colour painting? All over it. She’s not going to wait for a hand to do the lawns cause if you dawdle she’ll just do it her damn self. Chances are if she doesn’t know how to do it between the library and YouTube she’ll learn. Best part she gives again zero fucks what you think Mum just carries on doing her thing.

Mum is also the reason I have watched Mardi Gras every year for as long as I can remember. I watched it for the first time with her and it’s the first time I knew gay people even existed. This is where I developed my insane love for Drag Queens.

Mum also has a massive heart. She’s the sole carer for her elderly mum and does an awesome job. She takes Nan out, does her shopping, all thr appointments, ambulence rides and late night phone calls. Mum is always there. On top of that she has my big little brother at home helping with his stuff. THEN when she can she babysits any combination of the grandkids. She sat on the floor eating spaghetti and playing Halo with our son and my nephew over the last set of holidays. She’s a cool Nan.

I couldnt have asked for a better Mother even if I didn’t understand what she was trying to teach me at the time. Thankyou for helping turn me into the mother and woman that I am. Love you Mum.

Happy Mothers Day

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