…I used Tarot cards

Many many years ago I bought a Tarot deck. It was an Rider Waite deck for those who know anything about Tarot decks. I remember Mum having A.E Waite deck growing up. The back of the cards were maroon with yellow lines that made diamonds and I wanted deck just like it.

Quick Background –  tarot cards are a form of cartomancy which is trying to read and interpret events using cards. Tarot decks had been around for ages as a card game but slowly developed into a divination tool. The Romani people got hold of it and turned it into a fine art. Urban myth suggests the system is Egyptian in background or that the Romani people are part Egyptian. Totally nothing to back this up.

So I havent picked up my deck for a bit so I took a basic basic spread rather than one of the more traditional massive multicard ones. Shuffle, pick three cards, check them out and read the cards. I thought up a scenario I wanted advice for, picked my cards and read.

Now the card meanings according to the book of meanings were quite negative due to their inverted (pictures being upside down in he deck when chosen). Lots of deception, mistrust, fear and feeling of unease. Considering I was pondering the massive weekend we were to have at work I wasn’t too shocked. Nothing outstanding or revealing just confirming what I already felt.

I wouldnt say there was any massive fortune telling element to this process or feeling like I was getting ‘messages’. What I would say is that you read the cards in accordance to your situation to make you mindful. Would I do it again? Sure, I think it’s a good way to focus and sort out your feelings toward a subject. Kinda like a system for self help. Much like message in Seat of the Soul its good generalized advice that can be adapted to work through any thoughts about something.


would do it again.

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