I cant brain today I have the dumb

I’m trying to write a post and it’s just not happening. My brain is the creative equivalent of chewing gum, 2 buttons, a paper clip and some fluff. Unlike McGyver I’m not going to be able turn that into something that can defuse a nuclear weapon much less a coherant blog post.

I’ve been trying for 3 days to write a blog post. I have a couple of book reviews, a half put together ‘this one time…’ and a couple of half posts. One post I just can’t get to flow and it’s about the different identities we have in our lives and their merging. It’s a beast thats going to potentially require research. The other one is about my love of reading that just seems half assed right now and I can’t finsh it properly. Rather that persue those and drive myself insane I’d rather admit that my brain is on empty and there is a blinking cursor that’s giving me no love.

I am sitting here with Ads and the two kids watching Hitmans Body Guard. I’m kinda wondering if they had a set script for it. I mean with Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds I’m pretty sure you give them a bit of a framework and they do what they do best. Reynolds and Sam L just being sassy bad ass motherfuckers. Infact I wonder that about any movie that has either Ryan Reynolds or Robin Williams. Did they just wind up Robin Williams and let him go? Do they just give Reynolds a script and say ‘adlib as required’? Ryan Reynolds is my spirit animal.

I’ve got no idea how to jog my brain. I’m thinking maybe a soak in the tub and starting a new book might help. I just finished Scar Tissue and it’s a draining book to read so maybe I need a new one. I may even go out and take some photos tomorrow morning and maybe something will go off in the back of my brain.

For now I’m going to make a cup of herbal tea and hope to God inspiration smacks me in the back of the head with a 4×2.

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