Wild by Cheryl Strayed

So I heard about this book years ago whilst I was browsing TV. I happened to come across an episode of Oprahs Book Club where they happened to talk about this and talking to the author. The story is true and sounded amazing. A woman lost her mother, got divorced, dabbled in some illicit drugs and ended up hiking a massive trail through California, Oregon and Washington. More recently Reece Witherspoon starred in the movie of the same book (I havent seen it yet). Alright. Cool.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I went to the library for the first time in years. I entered the book into the catalouge system at random and low and behold here it was at Wallsend library. I went and got it eager as hell to have a go.

Well I finished it in 72hrs. I shit you not. I started it in the doctors waiting room and finished it sitting on the lounge a few days later. The way it’s written the author sucks you in and takes you on the whole damn journey. Something about her seemed relatable even though I have never been through the struggles she has. One of the things that got me was when her hiking boots blew out and she walked the rest of the way to the stop where her new shoes were with her feet gaff taped up. I’ve done shit similar to that, McGyvered shit together until you could get the right thing. The way she describes hiking along the trail is so captivating as well as the people that she meets along the way.

I read a few reviews where people felt the book was self indulgent and whiny. Well that’s the authors prerogative since it is HER story. It’s not like she absolves herself from all her wrong doings and she does address them. Others felt this promotes the idea that hiking a massive trail like the Pacific Crest Trail with no training is possible. I don’t necessarily think this is true. I  think it promotes the outdoor benefits of hiking. I think it shows that it’s bloody hard and that a lot goes into such a task. If anything I think the authors unpreparedness for the train mimics the shitfight of her pre trail life.

All in all it’s an amazing book and well worth the read.

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