I listened to rap music

I took on another genre of music after what I’m now calling ‘the Punk incident’. This time I decided to take on rap music and just for shits and giggles I’m defining rap by the corresponding wikipedia page because 1) Wikipedia is nice and generic and 2) after Punk I feel the need to give parameters of what I’m listening to. Rap seems to be listed as an element of hip hop, which I plan on reviewing at a later date so for this purpose I’m defining rapping.

Straight up I discovered I don’t like Tupac. I’m sorry but I dont even though I know he’s supposed to be like The Beatles of rap. The one thing I did pick up is that he and Frank Sinatra have simmilar intonation which made me giggle a little. I really love Queen Latifah which I was super surprised at because while I knew she was a rapper before an actress I hadn’t heard any of her songs and they were in a lot of cases very empowering. I like Ice Cube and I think Dre is really clever with his collaborations. Not surprising I liked both of them since they were both part of NWA which I already knew I liked since I heard them my late teens.

Then there’s Kanye. Now I’m a bit conflicted about this because I love old Kanye. Late Registration and Graduation are fantastic albums but new Kayne is to rap as Bieber is to pop music and Metallica is to metal. It drives me insane because how can the guy who came out with Jesus Walks and Stronger put out dribble like Bound 2. However Kanye is as Kanye does and who am I to question [insert hard eye roll].

I like Eminem and his collab with Beyonce Walk on Water is brilliant. I also like Macklemore too and his songs have a good set of messages behind them. You can’t forget Beastie Boys. The guys are amazing and have only gotten better over the years.

Missy Elliot is a goddamn queen and I don’t want to hear anything to the contrary. Nicki Minaj is also bad ass and goes as hard as any of the boys. I’m not sure about Cardi B though. I like a lot of her stuff but the general insanity of her persona is both intriguing and odd.

By and large I enjoyed everything I listend to when it came to rap. Yeah I didn’t like Tupac but I did find artists like Black Thought who more than made up for it.

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