I made a DnD campaign for our son

So many moons ago before I met Adam I used to play table top role play games. Shadow run was my favorite but I also played Dungeons and Dragons and even a Star Wars game based on the D20 system. It was super fun and up until a few years ago I still had my favorite character sheets.

So cut forward to a couple of years ago I bought a really low level beginners set for our kids. They loved it and then not too long ago Hunter pulled it out again and asked me to play. Now I wasn’t sure how he’d go because of the turn taking and patience which isn’t always the easiest for him. However I figured it’s turn taking and it’s forcing him to imagine other people’s feelings/reactions. Something he’s not so great with.

The most awesome thing about it has been I put it on my personal Facebook that people we know will be characters and things I was planning. So many people put their hands up to be characters and sent me things that might be cool for the campaign. It’s also been fun to create something for Hunter that we could do together.

The hard part for me is I’ve always been a player and never really run anything as a DM (Dungeon Master). I had to download the Monster Manuals, Players Manual, DM Guide and an Equipment and Arms guide. I have a few little tidbits for him to pick up along the way if he can roll (everything is based of dice rolls) well enough to see them. I’ve mapped out half a dozen bad guys on a spreadsheet and written up a loose plot line. Some of it reads like an XBox game with side missions where you can get info from NPCs (side characters not part of the main storyline) if he gets the rolls.

It’s yet to be seen how we’ll go but I’m hopeful and he’s keen. Here’s to nerd adventures.

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