I went to work with no make up

So in my current position I work in customer service/front of house. I’m customer facing and as such I put a little make up on every day to be a little more polished. However last Saturday I put on a face mask and my skin felt fresh and clean. I didn’t want to put a full face on top of nice clean skin so I made the decision to wear no make up to work.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal right? Wrong. While I have good skin generally it’s winter so I’m a bit blotchy and the kids hadn’t slept well so I was looking a little worse for wear also. I know we’re expected to look professional and neat so I was curious how a no make up day would go down.

So I put on eyebrows and mascara only because without them I literally have no brows or lashes. I had no powder, concealer, highlight or anything to otherwise enhance my face. I braced myself for ‘Oh God you look tired’ or similar comments. No one said anything. Nothing at all. No one said a damn thing. Then I felt silly because I was expecting people to notice. Did I really thing people would notice my face that much. I mean I’d had people say things when I have had make up on but not this time without a stitch of make up.

All in all I felt great and my skin felt amazing. Also, while make up is fun it was nice not to come home and have to wipe off a whole face of make up. Ok, and so technically I did have a little make up on I’m definitely going very minimal make up to work again.

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  1. Kudos for no makeup! I’ve recently started doing this as well and love the feeling of just wearing my skin and not hiding it behind foundation, even with my red, blotchy skin.


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