Baileys coffee pods

Disclaimer: This is not paid. I don’t know who makes these pods but I’m a tiny blog and thus not even on their radar. I don’t get paid to write anything.

Monday was ridiculously cold. Like bullshit  degrees cold so I made vegetable soup for lunch. Ads and I also decided to go to Woolworths and get crusty bread for said soup. In the process of this I was browsing the isles and found Baileys flavoured coffee pods. Baileys. Coffee. Pods. They were also compatable with my Nespresso machine so I figured why the hell not.

Holy shit. They’re good and the only way you can tell they aren’t alcoholic is the fact you arent pissed. I was sceptical at first because Irish Creme flavour can go horribly wrong (Kilkenny Creme I’m looking at you). There is absolutely none of that. This straight up is the real deal. It’s $6.50 for 10 pods too and at 65c a pod it’s pretty on par with what a Nespresso pod costs to buy per unit.

The next day I had another pod just to see if it was my excitement making it better than it was. Nope, she’s still good. So, if you’ve got a Nespresso machine and want a different kind of pod 10/10 would recommend.

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