Why not do both?!

Sometimes you struggle for blog posts and other times they just fall into your lap like this one.

So remember how I said I was still going to lift the things and be spiritual? Well I’ve not been doing too well with that. I’ve not given up on either thing but it’s a balance I’m finding really hard to maintain and I’m not sure why.

I don’t love lifting any less. I still want to lift all the things and be strong. I still want to kick ass at fitness. I want to be stronger than the boys even with my dumb hand. I’m even making other strong female friends which is fun even if we aren’t on the same continent.

I have rediscovered my love of Tarot. I’m getting good at reading to the point I’ve thought of getting a second non traditional deck (I haven’t found the right for me yet so I’m holding out).

I’m also enjoying reading up on spirituality too. Does this mean I no longer believe in science or I’m no longer skeptical about stuff? No, I still love science (black holes, space and Neil DeGrasse Tyson ftw) and I’m not gonna start eating mung beans in the mountains.

So why the disconnect?

I think it’s because somewhere in the back of my brain all these are traditionally conflicting things in my mind. The fit ‘lift all the things and eat all the stuff be bad ass’ Vs hippy, spiritual, flower crown wavy hair chick. It did occur to me as I was writing this that if you can’t tell me that my way of doing fitness is wrong because I lift, by the same token there is no right way to be spiritual. I don’t have to wear floaty skirts and flower crowns. I can wear my old tracksuit pants, a hoodie, light some incense and knock out a Tarot reading. I can stand in the kitchen after a rough ass night with sick kids (which I may or may not be doing right now) and put it out there for the Universe to gimme a break and send some extra energy back this way. There aren’t really too many rules on how this stuff is supposed to go so who says how I’m doing it is wrong. As long as I’m happy, feeling good and not hurting anyone else I’m good.

Artwork: Autum Sky Morrison from the Alana Fairchild Sacred Rebel Oracle deck.

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