Scar Tissue

If you learn nothing else from this book you will learn drugs are fuckin bad and having a drug addiction, sober or not is a fuck of a thing.

The other thing you pick up from this book is that Anthony Kiedis is incredibly fuckin lucky. Like divine intervention God is stopping this bastard from dying lucky. The amount of shit he’s done he shouldn’t be alive. There has to be something in the universe watching out for him.

The story has everything. A busted childhood, celebrities, juvunile deliquency, relapses, failed relationships, and crazy blinding success. All with the under current of beign affected and effected by a major drug addiction. RThe book also tells of a band busting its ass and somehow never managing to implode although there was a couple of points where I sure the Chilli Peppers were going to be gonners (since I have at least one album post this books publishing it’s evident they didnt).

Kiedis can also write. He had a co writer for this (the same guy helped Howard Stern write his book) but it is written the way someone would talk. It’s quite coversational and easy to read and you can imagine sitting with someone in a loungeroom while they told you the story. Even when he’s talking about how fucked up it was in the heights of his addiction the tone of the book still stays quite easy going.

It’s quite an engaging book but I found it emotionally draining. It’s not a book I’d read more than once or twice because as much as I was dying to get to the end, my brain had sort of collapsed in on itself by the end. I felt like it sucked the energy out of me.

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